GHS A275 Americana Series Cryogenic Phosphor Bronze Medium Mandolin Strings
$ 7.95

Americana music blends country, folk, bluegrass, roots-rock, blues and R&B into a unique sound. Now GHS introduces the Americana Series of strings for distinctive tone, longer life and better feel.

The Americana Series addresses the crucial aspects needed to produce the world’s first series of strings directed to the needs of players performing within this exciting genre of blended American roots music styles. GHS’ own roots go back decades as one of the premier string manufacturers with an abundance of knowledge in string design. They incorporate innovation into materials selection and string construction while utilizing preferred gauging based on years of input from the GHS artist family. Add in cryogenic treatment to extend the life and enhance tone.

The Americana Series strings are served in a Nitro-Pack which utilizes a sealed nitrogen atmosphere, preventing oxidation and corrosion for each individual string, and then each set is wrapped in outer Fresh Pack foil which carries the GHS “Anti-Corrosion Guarantee.”


  •        Cryogenically treated for long life and packaged in GHS Nitro Packs.
  •        Carries the GHS Anti-Corrosion Guarantee.
  •        Selected gauging based on input from the GHS artist family.
  •        Ideal for all Resonator players, bluegrass players, country, blues, R&B and roots-rock performers.