Dunlop DT-C2 Deluxe Clip-On Tuner
$ 13.95

Product Description:

The DT-C2 Dunlop Deluxe Headstock Tuner provides accurate chromatic tuning-all the way down to a low B-with an easy-to-read four-color display. The DT-C2 frequency is adjustable from 430-490Hz, and it features a silent metronome for visual cue practice, Mic and Clip modes for sound or vibration-based tuning, and Flat Tuning mode.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Deluxe chromatic tuner
  • Four color display tracks quickly and accurately
  • Adjustable frequency from 430-490Hz (440Hz by default)
  • Flat tuning mode can be set incrementally up to four semitones below standard tuning
  • Choose between Mic and Clip mode for use with a wide variety of instruments
  • Built-in silent metronome for visual cue practice