Stagg CTU-C5 Clip-On Tuner
$ 7.95

Product Description:

The CTU-C5 chromatic clip-on tuner from Stagg makes keeping your guitar in tune a breeze. Just clip it onto your headstock and start tuning until the needle on the backlit LCD screen points straight up. As well, the screen color changes from blue to green, making it even easier to know when you're perfectly in tune. This tuner is ideal for guitar, bass violin ukulele, and even chromatic tuning. Includes lithium cell battery.


  • For guitar, bass, violin, ukulele & chromatic tuning
  • Normal, sharp & flat tuning
  • 2-color backlight
  • Clear LCD display
  • A4 calibration: 440Hz
  • Built-in vibration sensor
  • Auto power-off