Thirty years and seventeen albums later, bassist extraordinaire and metal legend, Timothy Gaines, has some stories to share. 

Grammy nominated, Stryper, has the album sales and the sold out arenas to prove it was one of the powerhouse metal bands of the last three decades, and Tim Gaines was there from the beginning. 

Gaines began his career with the band Stormer, playing shows with the likes of Motley Crue, Ratt, and Quiet Riot. In 1983 he helped form Stryper, then spent the rest of the 1980s on a rocket ride to success. 

Gaines details the arc of his career with us in this episode, including how he got his start, what he's doing now, and just how loud does a bassist have to play to get heard in a metal band.

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Latest album: Fallen by Stryper