Made of mahogany, just like the classics, the Ibanez DT2 Destroyer iconic body style has attracted many artists. Ibanez's biggest leap forward will continue to be appreciated by today's player: namely the mahogany slim neck grip and set-in neck that offer ultra-smooth playablity. No matter what the setting, the DiMarzio Air Norton pack this axe with a rich tonal palette. Gorgeous old school pearl/abalone block inlays make for a path back to one of rock's most dynamic chapters. The original Ibanez Tight-Tune bridge provides improved transfer of string vibration and better tuning stability. List Price = $964.43 Our Price = $629 (save 35% off list!) Click here to see the full Ibanez DT2 Destroyer listing in our store. Ibanez DT2 Destroyer

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