If you haven't noticed, the new Nashville music scene is about much more than just country. An influx of new rockers now calls Nashville home. Kings of Leon formed in Nashville in 1999, and has since helped lead the charge to keep Nashville at the top of the music industry mountain. Established artists and household names like The Black Keys, Charlie Daniels, Emmylou Harris, Kris Kristofferson, Keith Urban, and Peter Frampton have called Nashville home for some time now. But as this AllSaints Films documentary shows, Kings of Leon record label, Serpents and Snakes, is  launching a new wave of Nashville artists with a new sound. The Music City is quickly becoming The New Music City. "I lived in San Francisco during the dot-com era. I lived in London when dubstep was happening...I've never seen anything like Nashville." AllSaints Films - New Music City from AllSaints on Vimeo.  

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