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NashvilleGuitarStore.com offers brand name, new & used guitars you know and love for a fraction of the retail price. Every guitar we sell is hand-selected, inspected for quality, and tested for playability right here in Nashville, TN.

Manufacturer refurbished guitars come directly from the authorized refurbishing center. Guitars come through for a variety of reasons: overstock, cosmetic flaws, minor repairs, or discontinued models.

Each guitar we sell is thoroughly inspected, set-up, and tested by certified guitar technicians. Can you say that about the guitar at the local box store? 

Because we don't have the brick and mortar retail expenses, you save even more on your guitar. Because we only sell online, the guitar you purchase isn't dinged around by every booger picker who wants to try to play Smoke on the Water before his mom picks him up from the mall. 

Our inventory changes daily, hourly even. Every guitar we sell is a one-off, single listing. It pays to check our inventory often.



“Guitar played amazing and was perfectly described. Absolutely great service!” 
Shae – Fort Mill, SC 

“Best purchase ever! Guitar is 'refurbished', but I can't see what was ever wrong. Super price, fast shipping and friendly customer service. Don't take chances...check with these guys first for what you want!” 
Lorrie - San Angelo, TX 

"This beautiful bass came with a great setup straight out of the box! I look forward to doing business with y’all again soon." 
Matt – Huntington Beach, CA



Flatwound Strings vs. Roundwounds On The Guild Starfire II

Guitarist, Richard Storebeck, shows the different sounds created on the Guild Starfire II with both flatwound strings and roundwound strings. Many great bassists of the 1960s played the Guild Starfire II. Guitar strings are an important element to achieving the same sound as those players. You can hear the difference...

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Alternate Guitar Tunings - Playing Like Your Favorite Artists

Guitarist, Richard Storbeck, shows a couple famous examples of odd, alternate guitar tunings, and how players can achieve these same sounds. In this video you'll hear the unique tunings of Stephen Stills and Paul Simon.

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Getting Started With A 12 String Guitar

You may have been told not to play a 12 string as your first guitar, but guitarist and Nashville Guitar Store tech, Richard Storbeck says otherwise.

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